Faster Time-to-Insights by 10 – 100x with Fuzzy Logix & Hortonworks

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The all-time golden rule in business is “time is money”. The results of the Annual Big Data Executive Survey conducted by New Vantage Partners confirmed that reducing the ‘time-to-insight’ is the most specific driver for the major companies to invest in Big Data projects.
Traditional approaches to analytics forced you to move data from where it was stored to separate analytics servers. This resulted in huge penalties like:
  • High cost of expensive hardware
  • Slow turnaround time as 80% of the time was spent on moving the data
  • Outdated and inaccurate analysis due to the memory constraint of the analytics servers as models could only be run on a sample of the data and not the entire data set
During this webinar we will share with you how:
  • Fuzzy Logix’ flagship In-Hadoop analytics product can help you to eliminate the middle layer of the analytics servers and increase your time-to-insights by 10x to 100x
  • A real-world use case based on the example of one of our customers who was able to decrease the time spent on analytics from 30 hours to 17 minutes by implementing our solution
  • Success stories across Finance, Retail, Healthcare, Insurance & IoT resulting in millions of dollars in savings due to faster time to insights
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