using analytics for predictive marketing

Fuzzy Logix has been helping clients for many years to use high-performance analytics to perform campaign management, product recommendations, market basket analysis, churn management and customer behavioral analysis.

These solutions work on a very large volume of data and are embedded in reporting tools commonly accessed by business users. The common driver for the success of all of these applications is the use of in-database analytics.

By leveraging Fuzzy Logix’ in-database analytics to run advanced analytics completely within the data warehouse, our clients have eliminated the need to move the data to separate analytic platforms and, as a result, have achieved enormous processing efficiencies. In most cases, our customers have achieved throughput that is 10-100 x faster at a cost which is 60 to 70 percent lower than other technologies.

Download our Predictive Marketing solution sheet for more information and  use case examples.

Download Predictive Marketing for client use cases