Opioid Abuse Prevention

In recent years opioid abuse has been major news as overdose from prescription misuse or use of illegal opioids overtook road accidents as the most common cause of accidental death in the US.

With more than 60 percent of drug overdoses in the United States involving opioids, and healthcare costs associated with abuse exceeding $25 billion a year, leading health insurance provider Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee (BCBS TN) began a project with Fuzzy Logix to explore using data analytics to develop an actionable predictive model that identifies likely opioid abuse before it occurs.

This collaboration between BCBS TN, Fuzzy Logix and Teradata uses DB Lytix analytics software on a Teradata platform to perform predictive and advanced statistical analysis using fast and scalable in-database analytics.

By using past and current medical data, insurance claims data, pharmacy access data, and location and demographic information we were able to highlight risk factors involved in a person developing an opioid abuse problem. Findings help guide outreach efforts more sensitively and effectively, and hopefully allow doctors and other specialists to step in and offer preventative care.

“Opioid addiction has become a nationwide healthcare crisis that is destroying lives and racking up billions of dollars in care and treatment,” said Partha Sen, Fuzzy Logix Founder and CEO. “Advancements in big data analytics offer the healthcare industry a way to predict potential addiction and develop the best possible level of care based on an individual patient’s unique circumstances. Fuzzy Logix is proud to play an important role in helping combat this epidemic.”