Our suite of turnkey solutions is developed to solve particular challenges in specific industries are tried, tested and proven:

Based on our successful DB Lytix platform, our solutions deliver the same superior business outcomes with the same benefits:

Scalability: Proven to work with billions of transactions. No limit to the scale because of the in-database approach pioneered by Fuzzy Logix.

Cost Effective: You don’t need to create a separate database for analytics — saves you time and money.

10-100x Faster: In-database technology, coupled with extremely parallel algorithms mean that you can build/refresh models spanning hundreds of millions of items in a few hours, and score the entire dataset in minutes.

Accuracy: The solutions use multiple modelling techniques (ensemble modelling) to maximize accuracy.

Domain Expertise: With Fuzzy Logix, you get years of advanced analytics expertise with deep domain knowledge resulting in a solution that is unmatched in its speed and accuracy. Our models are continually refined and re-tuned to keep up to date with the latest techniques.

Rapid Rollout: Built using already proven DB Lytix advanced library. Can be deployed and customized in 2-3 months.

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