IBM PUREDATA (NETEZZA) Migration Service

In 2017 IBM released a set of high-performance platforms for analytics, machine learning and AI. This new family of platforms can be deployed in-database, in-GPU, or on Hadoop and on-premise or in the cloud. As a result of this, IBM will cease to support PureData / Netezza over the next couple of years. If you are a current PureData / Netezza user you should be researching your alternatives now.

This is a complex process, however it’s nothing to be nervous about: one unique feature of this new family of platforms is a Common SQL engine, which allows for easy migration of analytics from one of the platforms to another, including from PureData/Netezza to one of the newer solutions.

To help make the process as seamless and painless as possible, we can:
  • Help you choose which new IBM platform(s) is right for you
  • Move both data and analytics to that new platform
  • Enhance your analytics to leverage new capabilities from IBM, Fuzzy Logix and Open Source software

We have experience in migrating Fortune 50 accounts from PureData to IBM’s new platforms, including porting data and analytics, and optimizing legacy analytics processes.

Download our IBM migration solution document to learn about our long-lasting relationship with IBM and more about the migration process and service we offer.


Download our Netezza Migration Service guide