GPU Analytics

GPU AnalyticsFuzzy Logix has proven time and again since 2007 that in-data analytics - whereby you perform the analytics where the data resides rather than move the data to the analytics - achieves superior results: faster - 10-100x faster, more secure, more up-to-date, no sampling required, no hardware and installation costs.

But what happens when even more compute power is needed? Where speed and scale are critical for near real-time data insights and competitive advantage? The answer is to look beyond CPU (Computer Processing Units) analytics to GPU (Graphics Processing Units) analytics from Fuzzy Logix - our most high-performing analytics with acceleration of 100-500x over CPU-only solutions.

Available to deploy across a broad platform of enterprise warehouses our GPU analytics solution encompasses a rich library of algorithms that leverage the GPU’s massive parallelization and brute force compute for real-time analytics.

Use cases include computing portfolio risk management, options and equity pricing, product-based inventory optimization, next-likely purchase, prescribing habits of physicians and care gap analysis.

GPU-Accelerated Analytics for the Financial Industry - A Unique Solution

Fuzzy Logix has partnered with NVIDIA and the IBM Power® Brand to offer a solution for the most compute-intensive problems in the financial industry. This is a complete offering, bundling the latest hardware and software technologies with pre-built templates to solve high value use cases such as:

  • Value at Risk (VaR)
  • Stress Testing
  • Portfolio Valuation
  • Options and/or Equity Pricing
  • Anti-Money Laundering

To explore further drop us a line at specifying you'd like more info about GPU analytics.