Fin Lytix

Fin LytixFin Lytix was specially developed for the specific complex and challenging needs of the finance industry. At Fuzzy Logix we have a combined 40+ years’ experience in investment, commercial, and consumer banking, giving us a deep understanding of the particular needs of the analysts and decision makers within these industries.

Offering all of the innovation and superior performance of our flagship product DB Lytix, Fin Lytix features an extensive library of financial analytics models that are available to run in-database, or inside GPUs.

Fin Lytix in Brief
  • Library of analytics models developed specifically for the finance industries.
  • We have extensive experience in the finance industry and can offer consultation and develop custom models for any specific scenarios.
  • Our clients have successfully used Fin Lytix for hedge fund analytics, options pricing, VaR, CVaR, intra-day risk management and much more.
  • Our financial analytics models have been used to achieve greatly increased performance within many areas: finance measure, fixed income, portfolio management derivatives, time series and many more.
  • Compatible with almost any existing analytics platform or reporting tool.
  • Simple and fast to install and deploy: comes as an add-on package to your database and installs in 20 minutes.
  • Accelerate your existing solution, including SAS, and see immediate performance gains of up to 100x faster.
  • Available as a perpetual license: no seat or user license, no data limitations.
  • Extremely high return on investment: saves time, resource and costs.

Read how organizations from the Finance Industry are leveraging Fuzzy Logix products and solutions to benefit their business.

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