AdapteR is an advanced analytics package that enables R users to perform in-database analytics using Fuzzy Logix' flagship DBLytix™ suite of functions.

With DB Lytix, advanced analytics can realize dramatic improvements in performance by moving computation from client machines into data warehouses and clusters where big data lives. DB Lytix provides industry-leading analytics performance via SQL by providing UDF, UDT, and Stored Procedure APIs embedded into database systems.

As important as performance and scalability is the way in which the end user interacts with the analytics is also significant. The R language has become most pervasive in this area – whether enterprise-class or open source. Open Source R makes available thousands of packages for plotting, analysis and programming, and scripts for productivity.
However, in the contemporary world of Big Data, R users are faced with challenges of performance and scalability, in particular the main barrier being that R is a memory bound language and so has limitations on the amount of data it can work with.

AdapteR – DB Lytix-level performance while using R language

Realizing that millions of data scientists, statisticians and analysts use R and require an R solution for large and complex data sets, Fuzzy Logix – the global leader of in-database analytics – developed AdapteR.

AdapteR enables the R syntax to consume DB Lytix in-database analytics by generating SQL transparently, and replacing R matrix and data frame data structures with remote table objects. It uses R’s class system and method override to seamlessly leverage in-database analytics, without requiring complicated R server installations or writing custom SQL.
AdapteR can be used to build interactive analytics at scale with just a few lines of R code! With our free, open source package, we are extending the appeal of our industry-leading, in-database analytics solution to not only SQL users but also to the large community of R users seeking effective solutions for large scale analytics.

Product Overview

AdapteR includes an installation guide, release guide, user manual and R methods key DB Lytix functions on Teradata. Subsequent releases will include all DB Lytix functions across a wider choice of platforms.

The design goal of AdapteR is to provide a fully transparent integration of in-database analytics with DB Lytix into the R language. Analysts can develop on small data, even off-line, and then run it later on the full data set by just replacing matrix and data-frame objects with remote handles to in database objects.

AdapteR generates SQL dynamically from R code and evaluates the expressions lazily. With AdapteR you can use the amazingly rich package ecosystem and functionalities of R such as Shiny and Plotting and ramp them up easily with in-database analytics.

How to Get It

AdapteR can be conveniently installed and updated from gitHub.

Licensing and Pricing

AdapteR is available and distributed as free, open source software without any licensing fee. However, if users opt for the enterprise support then an annual subscription fee covering technical support and consultations can be purchased for 10% of the DB Lytix advanced package pricing. Please contact for more details.

What are the Benefits?

AdapteR gives you the accelerated analytics and performance of DB Lytix, while you write R code just as you are used to. You’ll achieve performances not available with R alone:

  • Out-of-memory big data objects
  • Highly parallel multi-core processing
  • Distributed analytics
Real Example from a pharmaceutical client:

Using DB Lytix™, a ’Matchit’ function on 200,000 observations went from 5 hours to 3 minutes.

Applying AdapteR to Analytics - A White Paper
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