Fuzzy Logix has been developing analytics products for big data, machine-learning and AI since 2007, when we launched the world’s first in-database analytics solution, DB Lytix.

Changing the landscape of analytics forever, DB Lytix - along with our specialized product for the finance industry - Fin Lytix, our GPU Analytics solution, and our range of Services - has been helping our clients achieve unprecedented performance and profitability increases since it was launched.

We’re particularly proud that our solutions are simple to deploy and use, and fast… we're proven to be 10-100x faster than conventional products. And our broad platform support and partnerships mean our products can be deployed on conventional enterprises, in the cloud, on Hadoop and in-GPU.

Developed by industry-expert data scientists and engineers, our analytics products and solutions deliver high-impact business outcomes in Finance, Healthcare and other verticals. We aim to deliver a rich suite of advanced analytics and predictive algorithms to solve problems specific to your company and industry, and provide you with competitive advantage at an affordable cost.



GPU Analytics