Analytics Services

Business growth by innovation is the spirit that drives our consulting practice. With an average of 15+ years of experience our analytics consultants will work with you to establish analytically savvy and agile business strategies that help you achieve your business objectives: whether that is to determine the optimal pricing structure of a new or existing product, predict the success of a marketing campaign or define the KPIs and the drivers that affect the performance of your business.

Our consultants have a wide variety of industry backgrounds including banking, telecom, automotive, manufacturing, sales and marketing with a proven track record in the areas of:
  • Strategic Planning and Implementation of analytics solutions
  • Analytics alignment service to identify and deploy analytics to support operational goals
  • Actionable Predictive Analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Data Mining and Business Intelligence
  • Forecasting
  • Behavioral Segmentation
  • Micro-Marketing
  • Web Analytics
With this wealth of experience across verticals our consultants have reached the conclusion that most analytics projects fail majorly due to three reasons:
  • Poorly defined business objectives and analytic goals
  • Lack of data quality management
  • Analysis paralysis resulting in increased resource capacity and overrun timelines

And all these shortfalls basically stem from a lack of structure and discipline within the analytic process.
To counter this malaise Fuzzy Logix has developed a series of  Analytics Consultancy Services.


The Fuzzy Logix Services and Consultancy process cycle
The Fuzzy Logix Services and Consultancy process cycle
Structured Analytics consists of five phases:
  • Define: The Define phase of the DMAIC process sets the foundation for the entire project. It is here that you establish the analytic goals, define the project structure and outline the underlying business case for the effort.
  • Measure: Building upon the direction set in the Define phase, the Measure phase prepares the project with the right building blocks to complete the analysis. In this phase of the effort, we will focus upon integrity of the data that we will use in our analysis.
  • Analyze: The Analyze phase is where the excitement starts to pick up. We have our data and our direction, now it’s time to do the data mining and discover valuable insights.
  • Improve: Everything up to this point has been designed to enable sound business decisions upon which action can be taken. The Improve phase is where this action occurs and we operationalize analytics. Action may include executing a new marketing campaign, making changes to an existing process or deploying a new model.
  • Control: Although the Control phase represents the end of a project, it is the starting point for the next round of a cyclical process. In the Control phase, we will monitor the performance of the changes that we have made and quantify those financially in an updated business case.

Thus, innovation and experience along with structure and discipline help us deliver outstanding value.