Privacy Statement

We are professionals in the data industry and we take the security of any data we hold very seriously, never share or sell our data, and only send communications directly about our products and services.

This privacy statement sets out clearly how, when and why we collect data from our website users and business prospects, and informs how we store this data and how to let us know if you wish to have your data removed from our database.

Who is collecting the data?
Fuzzy Logix, registered business address:
10735 David Taylor Dr.
Suite 130
Charlotte, NC 28262

What data is being collected?
We collect only professional data: names, job titles, company of work, work address, work email address and work telephone number. Within our Customer Relationship Management database we will collect records of business communications such as date and content of telephone calls, face-to-face meetings. We do not collect personal data.

These details are consensually collected in several ways: from sales outreach, from events, from purchased marketing lists, from our website.

On our website we use cookies to help us identify what content is being viewed, however this information is anonymous and doesn’t identify users.

Also on our website we sometimes publish content that requires a user to provide a contact name and email address at the point of content access. At this point a user can ‘Opt In’ to receive further communication from us and in the case of no ‘Opt In’ being selected that user’s details will not be added to our database.

Will the data be shared with any third parties?

We do not share our data with any third parties. Our data is stored with 2 professional data management platforms as below.

How will the information be used?

We use the information to contact about our products and services that we think may be of professional interest to that person. That contact may be by email or telephone.

Where and for how long will the data be stored?
Our data is stored in 2 places:
1.    Within our marketing automation tool – Drip
2.    Within our CRM tool – Pipedrive

And is subject to the stringent security and privacy standards of each platform.

We hold data while the channels of communication with each individual are open, which is a varied length of time.

Your rights
At any point you can inform us that you wish for your information to be removed from our database. There are 2 ways to do this:
Use the Unsubscribe option that is clearly shown on any email we send to you.
Email us at with the name and email address we are using to contact you and ask us to remove you from our database.