Fuzzy Logix and Teradata have a long and successful partnership: Working together to engineer solutions that utilize the most effective application programming interfaces available in the Teradata Database Management System (DBMS). Together these solutions empower businesses to unlock the full value of their data, meet increasing big data challenges and achieve powerful insights.

The two companies have tightly integrated research and development, Centers of Excellence, and marketing and sales. In summer 2016 Fuzzy Logix was appointed a member of the Teradata University Network (TUN). This will extend the partnership into the global academic community, enabling students from hundreds of universities to learn how to create Fuzzy Logix analytics solutions inside the Teradata warehousing environment.

Supported Platforms

Fuzzy Logix is available on all of the Teradata environments, including:

  • Teradata DBMS
  • Teradata Aster
  • Teradata Cloud
  • Teradata Appliance for Hadoop

The Fuzzy Logix and
Teradata Partnership

Run in-database analytics across all
of your Big Data Platforms

  • Software only solution
  • No additional hardware required
  • Handles your toughest big data problems
  • Increases performance = better outcomes

Featured Customers

Fuzzy Logix and Teradata have successfully provided solutions for many joint customers, including:

Tesco: the largest retailer in the UK

Epic Award winner at Teradata PARTNERS 2016 for a collaborative project between Tesco, Fuzzy Logix and Teradata to implement a drastically improved sales forecasting system. In April 2016 computing.org featured a great article about our work with Teradata and Tesco.

Siemens: the global engineering giant

Fuzzy Logix and Teradata joint project to build an analytic platform for the future to support predictive maintenance for tens of thousands of machines and devices. Siemens appeared at Teradata Universe 2016 to speak about the solution.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Tennessee (BCBS TN): a leading US health insurer

The ongoing collaboration between BCBS TN, Fuzzy Logix and Teradata has led to several successful projects, including reducing the cost of supporting chronic illness; identifying and preventing opioid abuse; and improving access to healthcare facilities. Fuzzy Logix and BCBS TN co-presented two track sessions at the 2016 Teradata PARTNERS event.


We were proud Diamond sponsors at 2016’s Teradata Universe and Teradata PARTNERS events.

Media Releases

April 2016

Fuzzy Logix announces availability of its in-database analytics product on Teradata Aster.

February 2016

Fuzzy Logix Unveils Analytics Suite on Teradata Cloud.

September 2014

DB Lytix V.1.0.1 Release on Teradata Platform.