Fuzzy Logix and Kinetica have partnered to provide a GPU-based machine learning and predictive analytics solution with performance improvements of 100-500x over CPU-based analytics. The joint solutions is targeted at the most time-sensitive and compute-heavy applications where speed and scale are critical for real-time data insights and competitive advantage.

Use cases cover a broad range of industries, including the below:

From a technical perspective, Kinetica’s in-database analytics capabilities will be extended by hundreds of additional algorithms from Fuzzy Logix. Those analytic functions will be able to take full advantage of Kinetica’s distributed GPU pipeline via its User Defined Functions (UDFs).
The joint solution is fully supported by Fuzzy Logix and Kinetica. Contact representatives from either company for more information.

Media Releases

May 2017

Fuzzy Logix and Kinetica to Provide Enhanced GPU-Accelerated In-Database Analytics
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