Sybase IQ, The World`s Leading Column-Oriented Analytics Server, Introduces Ground-Breaking In-Database Business Analytics

Smart Enterprises to Easily and Cost-Effectively Implement Lightning-Fast, Powerful Predictive Analytics with Sybase IQ 15.1

DUBLIN, Calif. – July 14, 2009 – Sybase, Inc. (NYSE: SY), an industry leader in delivering enterprise and mobile software, today announced the availability of Sybase® IQ 15.1 with in-database business analytics, the newest version of the world’s leading column-based analytics server. Sybase IQ handles the most challenging business reporting and analytics requirements with ease, delivering dramatically faster, consistently more accurate analysis to address the growing need to anticipate risks and opportunity in a volatile global climate.

Sybase IQ 15.1 delivers smarter new functionality that allows users to more easily drive risk management, fraud detection, business process management and investment strategies, as well as competitive product, marketing and customer relationship strategies, by running real-time predictive analytics directly in the Sybase IQ 15.1 database, increasing speed and accuracy while utilizing years of organizational data.  This smarter approach enables organizations to make better predictions about future business risks and opportunities, more informed decision making around the clock, spot trends and anomalies immediately, and make operational decisions more efficiently and affordably.

In the June 2009 report “Massive But Agile: Best Practices For Scaling The Next-Generation Enterprise Data Warehouse,” Senior Analyst James Kobielus of Forrester Research writes “[Information and Knowledge Management] professionals are adopting an emerging best practice known as “in-database analytics” […] Under this practice, data mining, predictive analysis, and other compute-intensive analytic functions are migrating to the EDW platform.  In-database DW analytics can either replace or supplement traditional analytics execution approaches.”

With this new release, organizations can now make business decisions they could not make before by utilizing Sybase IQ 15.1 in-database analytics functionality to easily, efficiently, and affordably run predictive analytics business logic directly in the database.  This innovative new approach to extreme analytics removes the application barriers for businesses and governmental agencies to perform critical drill-downs and predictive analysis in data-intensive environments that were previously impossible or impractical using traditional “outside the database” methods. Sybase IQ 15.1 is the only high performance column-based analytics server that supports hundreds of statistical and data mining functions, executed completely in-database and supporting hundreds of concurrent users at high performance levels.

“We have developed a substantial number of statistics processing applications at our Business Intelligence Deployment Center and have found great advantage in participating in the Sybase IQ 15.1 beta program as an early adopter,” said Masatoshi Yokogawa, senior expert, Research and Development Headquarters of NTT DATA CORPORATION. “The addition of numerical analytics functions into Sybase IQ 15.1 will enable much faster application development and allow calculation processing to be done close to our data, with less security risk. We believe the Sybase IQ 15.1 in-database solution will provide great advantage for users who need to calculate predictive analytics on large data sets very quickly.”

“The industry leading Sybase IQ analytics server delivers dramatically faster, consistently more accurate analytics and reporting – to all users in an organization, from all their information, on their terms” said Dan Lahl, Director of Analytics for Sybase. “With the new in-database analytics capabilities of Sybase IQ 15.1 and access to powerful statistical, predictive and data mining models from a best-of-breed partner, Sybase can now deliver even more powerful analytics to its customers, further increasing the speed and accuracy of real-time predictive analytics on huge amounts of organizational data to thousands of users, thereby delivering rapid ROI to the organization.”

Sybase IQ 15.1 delivers in-database analytics in three increasingly sophisticated, value-added ways:

1.      An extensive library of numerical and analytical functions built into Sybase IQ has been further enhanced to include additional new functions, such as date conversion.

2.      Additional ANSI SQL OLAP Extensions built into Sybase IQ 15.1 allow aggregation analysis on large data sets yielding quick results for computations, such as correlation and covariance.

3.      New libraries of pluggable analytical algorithms from a statistical and data mining software partner who has certified its products with Sybase IQ 15.1’s in-database analytics capabilities

With the Sybase IQ 15.1 release, Sybase announces a dedicated partner certification program to assist best-of-breed predictive analytics software partners to port their libraries to the Sybase IQ User Defined Function API, allowing them to deliver superior speed, scalability and accuracy. Sybase has partnered with respected analytical solutions provider Fuzzy Logix to bring its in-database analytics library known as DB Lytix as the first certified solution to the market on the Sybase IQ 15.1 platform. The analytical algorithms in DB Lytix offer a rich collection of functions, ranging from descriptive statistics to highly sophisticated Monte Carlo simulations and Pattern Recognition.
“In traditional approaches for analyzing data, end-users must transport data out of the database for processing. This activity often accounts for up to 75 percent of the cycle time and imposes severe constraints on throughput and timely delivery of results,” said Partha Sen, CEO of Fuzzy Logix. “By running our algorithms directly in Sybase IQ 15.1, analysts can now perform predictive analytics and complex data mining tasks such as Principal Component Analysis, Linear and Logistic Regression, and Clustering entirely within the database, making it faster and easier than ever before to gain valuable insights into enterprise risks and market opportunities.”

Sybase IQ is also widely deployed with industry leading business intelligence front end tools, including Eclipse BIRT, the premier rich information application development environment and top-level Eclipse project founded and co-led by Actuate.

“Actuate and Eclipse BIRT provide a premier information application development environment to the foundation of Sybase IQ in-database analytics,” said Nobby Akiha, senior vice president, marketing at Actuate.  “Along with the processing power of Fuzzy Logix analytical functions, Actuate and BIRT empower Sybase IQ 15.1 users inside and outside the firewall with rich information applications.”

Sybase IQ 15.1 is currently scheduled to be available on July 15, 2009.

Some of the world’s largest data warehouses run on Sybase IQ analytics server, and customers include leading global organizations such as Taiwan Mobile, ICICI Bank, Nielsen Media Research, European Southern Observatory, Statistics Canada and Samsung Life Insurance. For more information on Sybase IQ please visit:
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