Quest Teams with Fuzzy Logix to Deliver a Cost-effective Solution for Predictive Modeling

Quest Introduces New Edition of Toad for Data Analysts that Brings Powerful Data Analytics to the Desktop

ALISO VIEJO, Calif., Sept. 20, 2011 – Quest Software, Inc.  (Nasdaq: QSFT)

The ability to simulate trends and identify probable business forecasts based on corporate data, using data analytics, is extremely valuable. However, the technology behind this capability is often far too expensive for most organizations and, what’s more, can be very time-consuming for the data analyst tasked with reporting. Today’s analysts need a simplified and cost-effective way to perform fast advanced analytics right on the desktop. Quest Software, the leading provider of database tools that simplify and improve the productivity, efficiency, and accuracy of production for database professionals of all skill and experience levels, has partnered with in-database analytics software vendor Fuzzy Logix to incorporate a rich, analytics library into a new Professional with Analytics Edition of Quest® Toad® for Data Analysts. The new edition delivers a powerful desktop analytics solution for predictive modeling and data mining, and also adds advanced heterogeneous queries, data cleansing, local storage, and visualization enhancements.

News Facts:

Toad for Data Analysts Professional with Analytics Edition provides a repository of sophisticated functions for rich data analytics used at the desktop to accelerate predictive modeling and data mining. With core functions for pattern discovery, clustering and regression powered by Fuzzy Logix, analysts can improve their analytic time to value at a fraction of the cost of server-based in-database analytics solutions. These added capabilities in Toad for Data Analysts put an extremely practical, simplified solution for complex analytics into the hands of more users.

The new release of Toad for Data Analysts also includes enhancements that ease difficulties associated with general data querying and reporting by automating manual, time-intensive tasks. Gathering data from various sources for reporting can be complex and time-consuming, and typically requires the use of multiple tools. Once analysts find the data they need, it can be difficult to view and understand, let alone compare and synchronize. Toad for Data Analysts also offers advanced heterogeneous queries and data cleansing and transformation utilities that simplify complex data manipulation tasks, as well as data visualization functionality that allows users to easily profile, view and understand their data sets.

Toad for Data Analysts 3.0 is now available with North American pricing beginning at $495 for the base edition, or $1,990 for the Professional with Analytics Edition. For more information, visit

Quest also recently released the beta for Quest Business intelligence Studio, a self-service data discovery and visualization tool for business users who are not as SQL-savvy.

Supporting Quotes:

Claudia Fernandez, director of product management for Toad solutions at Quest Software
“Our strategic partnership with Fuzzy Logix has enabled us to bring a product to market that breaks down the cost and complexity barriers of data analytics, giving many types of users access to more advanced math and statistical functions through a simple and easy-to-use desktop-based tool. These enhancements are part our ongoing strategy to expand the Toad business into additional end-user roles, while continuing to increase productivity for and meet the ever-changing needs of our existing customers.”

Lorinda Selby, distribution analyst at Georgia Power
“With its quick time to value, Toad for Data Analysts has dramatically increased my productivity and efficiency, for gathering data and building 15 different reports on a monthly basis. What used to take me up to two weeks to do manually is now a completely simplified, automated process within Toad for Data Analysts, saving approximately three workdays worth of time each month. The reports generated by me and my team are used by executive management to understand how natural disasters and a variety of other issues are impacting our customers’ power supply and, ultimately, help ensure power is restored back to customers as quickly as possible. Our ability to deliver accurate reports efficiently and quickly is critical to the business, and Toad helps us do it each and every day. The value of this product has exponentially outweighed the cost.”

Michael Upchurch, COO at Fuzzy Logix
“From customer and product intelligence to financial planning and fraud detection, the power of in-database analytics is rooted in an organization’s ability to identify and act upon trends. With Quest’s  advanced analytics in Toad for Data Analysts, they can offer their customers unprecedented analytic power on the desktop, giving users a new cost and performance advantage that hasn’t been available through other market solutions.”

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