mLogica and Fuzzy Logix to Deliver an In-Database Predictive Analytic Appliance powered by Actuate, BIRT and Sybase

In-Database, Predictive Analytic Appliance utilizing Fuzzy Logix‘s advanced analytics libraries, Actuate’s value added offerings for BIRT and mLogica’s enterprise level Business Intelligence Appliance built on the Sybase Analytics Engine, available in a Public or Private Cloud.

ORANGE, Calif., Oct 27, 2009 – mLogica, Inc, a leading Business Intelligence solutions company, specializing in Predictive Analytic Appliances, and Fuzzy Logix, a leading predictive analytics company, specializing in Artificial Intelligence and sophisticated quantitative techniques, today announced the availability of Fuzzy Logix’s  advanced analytics libraries, as part of mLogica’s core Business Intelligence Appliance, powered by the high performance Sybase® Analytics Engine. The Appliance is available in various configurations, including an On Demand delivery model as a Public or Private Cloud.

mLogica’s Predictive Analytic Appliances ensure that end-users have the right tools to make the right decisions in a timely manner, with a rich, dynamic user experience based on BIRT. The Analytic Appliance On Demand model offers a delivery of services in a highly scalable and elastic fashion at lower costs, better performance and agility, turning complex business processes into simple services. This “Software as a Service” model allows customers to utilize the platform in a Public or Private cloud, and pay by utilization on a monthly basis.

Unlike traditional data mining solutions, Fuzzy Logix’s in-database functions allow companies to process  large volumes of data, without sacrificing throughput and accuracy. Fuzzy Logix’s libraries include mathematical and statistical functions, Univariate and Multivariate Distributions, and data mining and pattern recognition, including but not limited to, principal component analysis, linear, non-linear and advanced regression, clustering, forecasting, and behavioral segmentation.

The new Sybase IQ 15 Toolkit ships with Eclipse BIRT as its de facto Rich Information Application development environment.  With the incorporation of Actuate’s value added BIRT offering into their Analytic Appliance solutions, mLogica is able to provide scalable, turnkey analytic solutions to large commercial enterprises and public sector organizations, as well as mid-market businesses in a cost effective manner. mLogica’s clients include major organizations in the financial services, entertainment, technology, education, health care, telecommunications, manufacturing and transportation and logistics industries.

“We are excited about using mLogica’s Analytic Appliance with Actuate and BIRT to produce reports for our managers and executive leadership team. Being able to produce insightful and interactive reports about our clients and their purchasing trends is of utmost importance to us,” said John Manzanares, Vice President, IT, Daylight Transport. “In addition to the Analytic Appliance taking the reporting load off of our transactional databases, our users will receive these reports in a much timelier manner.”

“Sybase is pleased to be part of the mLogica and Fuzzy Logix Predictive Analytic Appliance. Built on high performance analytics and database engines from Sybase, including Sybase IQ, ASE and Replication Server®, the offering provides a price and performance advantage to both large and mid-sized businesses,” said Dan Lahl, Director of Analytics, Sybase, Inc. “Sybase IQ delivers unsurpassed query performance for the most complex analytics tasks within this affordable, eco-friendly and manageable environment.”

“The inclusion of Actuate’s value added offerings for BIRT within the mLogica Predictive Analytic Appliance and the option to deploy on the Cloud gives customers the flexibility of expenditure and deployment options that they demand,” said Nobby Akiha, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Actuate Corporation.  “We’re pleased to be working with mLogica one of our pioneer partners on the BIRT Exchange Marketplace to bring to market even more options for customers. You can visit the Marketplace at”

“The Predictive Analytic Appliance offers analysts an option to perform predictive, in-database analytics  and complex data mining tasks such as determining optimal pricing, segmenting customers based on their behavior, lowering  customer churn, optimizing marketing performance, identifying fraud and forecasting sales and inventory movement  entirely within the Appliance.  We can then represent the results using the many powerful visualization features of BIRT,” said Partha Sen, CEO of Fuzzy Logix. “This approach, as compared to the more traditional approach of transporting data out of the database for processing, offers high performance and provides the ability to gain valuable insights. With mLogica’s  bundled solution, performing data mining and advanced analytics have never been easier or more accessible”

“mLogica’s Business Intelligence offerings are significantly enhanced with our relationship with Fuzzy Logix, Actuate and Sybase,” said Amit Okhandiar, President and CEO, mLogica, Inc. ” Fuzzy Logix’s Quantitative Analytic features provide strategic advantages to our clients who can now perform advanced in-database and predictive analytics in the Analytic Appliance. Actuate’s formidable experience in delivering rich, dynamic Business Intelligence and reporting applications, in this case BIRT-based applications, can be adopted by many in our joint customer base, and we look forward to helping our customers achieve greater value. Sybase has provided us the industry leading, ultra-high performance analytic engine and other complementary software to make our offering a world class platform.”

About Fuzzy Logix

Fuzzy Logix, LLC is a high-tech business advisory company built on the results of 10 years of research and development.  Our vision is to use artificial intelligence and sophisticated quantitative techniques to solve complex business problems faced by businesses as well as mankind. Fuzzy Logix delivers rich suites of advanced analytics and predictive algorithms and also complete solutions with easy to use presentation and graphical views that help you solve problems and provide competitive advantage at an affordable cost.  Our solutions allow you to analyze, infer and actTM. For more information, visit

About Sybase

Sybase is an industry leader in delivering enterprise and mobile software to manage, analyze and mobilize information. We are recognized globally as a performance leader, proven in the most data-intensive industries and across all major systems, networks and devices. Our information management, analytics and enterprise mobility solutions have powered the world’s most mission-critical systems in financial services, telecommunications, manufacturing and government. For more information, visit Read Sybase blogs:

About Actuate Corporation – the people behind BIRT

Actuate founded and continues to co-lead the Eclipse BIRT open source project. BIRT is the premier development environment for Rich Information Applications that present data in compelling and interactive ways via the web on any device. Actuate and its people are dedicated to making BIRT the best environment for our customers to develop Web 2.0 applications that drive revenue through higher customer satisfaction/loyalty and improve operational performance. The people of Actuate continually participate in and provide resources for the vibrant open source community that has emerged around BIRT. Anybody can participate in the BIRT movement by visiting

Actuate offers value-add BIRT products and services that speed the development process and bring additional functionality, interactivity and enterprise scalability to BIRT-based Rich Information Applications. Actuate has over 4,400 customers globally in a diverse range of business areas including financial services and the public sector. Founded in 1993, Actuate is headquartered in San Mateo, California, with offices worldwide. Actuate is listed on NASDAQ under the symbol ACTU. For more information, visit the company’s web site at

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mLogica is a business intelligence solutions company, specializing in Analytic Appliances and Cloud Computing,  headquartered in Orange, California, with development centers and international offices in California, India, Scotland and Malaysia. Their clients include major organizations in the financial services, entertainment, technology, education, health care, telecommunications, manufacturing, and transportation and logistics industries. For more information, visit

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