Fuzzy Logix Announces In-Database Analytics for SugarCRM

Integration brings high-value business intelligence to real-time processes creating decision capabilities that were previously unavailable 

Charlotte, NC, April 8, 2013 Fuzzy Logix, a leading analytics software and professional services company, today announced that its in-database analytics and application solution modules are now available within SugarCRM, the world-leading open source customer resource management package.

“This is the first time that we’ve brought our in-database and GPU-based analytics solutions to a readily available CRM platform,” said Michael Upchurch, COO at Fuzzy Logix.   “We’ve delivered custom solutions for global organizations for years and now companies using SugarCRM can access high-performance analytics in real time to make better decisions and drive business value.”

Using Fuzzy Logix’s analytics solutions for SugarCRM allows companies to integrate data and intellectual capital from diverse sources, such as CISCO Agent Desktop, marketing systems, social media and Experian, into one place and then run analytics on demand.  This allows business users to gain insight in areas such as demand forecasting, customer segmentation, marketing optimization, churn scoring (pre and post purchase) and propensity to buy – all on the fly.

“By providing Fuzzy Logix analytics directly in our SugarCRM system, we can route calls to the best agent, reduce our churn and guide our sales people to better service the customer,” said Jay Smith, Director of Strategic Development at Trident Marketing.  “We’ve modeled a 20-percent jump in close rate with improved activation and best-in-class lead nurturing.   We’re excited about driving analytics further into our business.”

“Trident’s sophisticated operational analytics environment allows SugarCRM users to run in-database analytics using SQL Server and Netezza (IBM PureData Systems),” said Shishir Gupta, Senior Data Scientist at Fuzzy Logix.  “This same type of integration is also possible with databases like Teradata, ParAccel and MySql.”

About Fuzzy Logix

Fuzzy Logix is an analytics software and professional services company providing the new generation of in-database, GPU-based and CRM-analytic tools.  Our solutions help companies make smarter decisions, increase effectiveness and improve performance.  Our solutions are easy to use and deploy, running 10X to 100X faster than other analytic products.  Many companies use DB Lytix™, our in-database library, to put analytics in the hands of decision makers and our solutions are used by financial, insurance, marketing services, retail and healthcare companies.  We make analytics easy, pervasive and available real-time.  To find out how your company can benefit from leveraging in-database or GPU-based high-performance analytics, visit www.FuzzyL.com.