Fuzzy Logix Announces Availability of its In-Database Analytics Product on Teradata Aster Analytics

CHARLOTTE, N.C. April 19, 2016 –Fuzzy Logix today announced availability of its advanced analytics suite – DB Lytix™ – on Teradata Aster Analytics. DB Lytix enables analysts and data scientists to perform predictive and advanced statistical analysis on Teradata Aster Analytics using fast and scalable in-database analytics.

Key Takeaways:

  • Fuzzy Logix high performance data analytics product, DB Lytix™ is now available on Teradata Aster Analytics.
  • Teradata’s rich portfolio of multi-genre analytics capabilities is complemented and extended by hundreds of in-database analytic functions from Fuzzy Logix.
  • Complex big data analytics problems can now be handled with an integrated and fully supported set of tools from two industry leaders.


Big data analytics problems are growing exponentially in scale and complexity. Organizations, for example, are looking at how analytics impact daily weather predictions on the inventory needed in thousands of retail locations. How to cost-effectively prevent breakdowns on a worldwide fleet of trains based on input from hundreds of sensors on each train. Or how a health insurer can determine which of its millions of customers would best be served by a new class of medications.

Fuzzy Logix provides a new class of solutions to tackle these problems for the world’s largest companies. Fuzzy Logix provides accurate, scalable and fast analytics that run where the data resides. Data is too large and results are needed quickly – businesses can no longer afford to move data to separate analytics servers. Fuzzy Logix ensures that analytics are performed where the data reside – “in-database” analytics.

Having a common set of Fuzzy Logix DB Lytix functions available on Teradata Aster Analytics significantly helps in building and optimizing advanced analytic models using DB Lytix and Aster functions before operationalizing them in the data warehouse. The end result is that data scientists and analysts are offered a holistic suite of analytic capabilities to select, test and operationalize multiple analytic techniques that are “best fit” predictive models.

In real-world deployments, DB Lytix, a software only solution, has proven to be 10 to 100 times faster than conventional methods and highly cost effective because there is no need for additional hardware installations.  A further benefit of the DB Lytix approach is that all advanced analytics are executed on the entire database rather than on a limited sample, which results in more accurate models in certain cases.

“We are proud to bring the advanced analytics functions of DB Lytix into Teradata Aster Analytics,” said Partha Sen, CEO of Fuzzy Logix. “This product is a result of close cooperation between the engineering teams of Fuzzy Logix and Teradata. Fuzzy Logix now runs on Teradata Aster Analytics as well as Teradata Database. In both cases, we have developed custom code that leverages the parallel processing capabilities of Aster Analytics. Analytics are moved to where the data resides – assuring high performance at scale.”

Chris Twogood, Teradata vice president of products and services marketing added: “Teradata Aster is fast, flexible, powerful, and features a large set of analytics capabilities. With the addition of analytics from Fuzzy Logix, Teradata Aster Analytics capabilities are extended even further for customers with the most demanding big data analytics problems.”

Fuzzy Logix’ DB Lytix is now generally available on Teradata Aster Analytics. Professional Services are available globally from an integrated Teradata and Fuzzy Logix team.

About Fuzzy Logix:

Fuzzy Logix accelerates analytics. The company is a growing team of data scientists, programmers and industry experts that have deep expertise in advanced analytics, and are joined by a common purpose: To find tough problems that current technology cannot solve well, and accelerate those solutions by factors of 10 to a 100. Over the years, Fuzzy Logix has created a large library of over 700 advanced analytical functions that we can apply to discover interesting patterns in data and make this science available to anyone within the organization. Fuzzy Logix is about making advanced analytics simple to apply and learn, pervasive within the entire organization, and an order of magnitude faster than the state of the art.

About Teradata:

Teradata (NYSE: TDC) helps companies get more value from data than any other company. Teradata’s leading portfolio of big data analytic solutions, integrated marketing applications, and services can help organizations gain a sustainable competitive advantage with data. Visit teradata.com.


Fuzzy Logix: Shantayne Augustine +44 07956 688849 shantayne.augustine@fuzzylogix.com or Touchdown PR: Bill Robbins +1 512-547-0921 brobbins@touchdownpr.com


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