Catalina Provides Better Insights into Consumer Behavior with Netezza and Fuzzy Logix

BOSTON, Mass.,—June 21, 2010—Netezza CorporationNetezza Corporation (NYSE: NZ), the global leader in data warehouse and analytic appliances, along with Fuzzy Logix, Inc., a well recognized leader in in-database analytics today announced that Catalina is using Fuzzy Logix’s in-database analytics library DB Lytix™ to deliver custom analytics for market basket analysis. By exploiting the performance of in-database analytics, Catalina expects to gain deeper insights into consumer purchase decisions and positively transform the application of analytics in the retail sector. The DB Lytix platform represents one of the first implementations of the Netezza i-Class module of advanced analytics. [link to related Enzee i-Class GA release here]

“Netezza continues to be an important Catalina business partner with a proven track record of delivering innovative appliances; and, we are experiencing the same significant improvements in custom analytics due to in-database analytics.  Fuzzy Logix’s DB Lytix™ running on Netezza, reduced cycle time for a key process, market basket analysis, from a multiple-hour run-time to finishing in minutes – an impressive enhancement considering this process covers 52 weeks, 80,000 products and 20,000,000 IDs,” said Ryan Carr, Vice President of Predictive Modeling and Analytic Systems at Catalina Marketing,. “We are excited to be partnering with Fuzzy Logix and Netezza, and we look forward to the value deeper data analysis, advanced trend spotting techniques and the ability to build custom analytical models will bring to our business.”

DB Lytix™ is the result of more than ten years of extensive research on advanced analytical methods, and contains functions for mathematical and statistical analysis, data mining, and Monte Carlo simulations. DB Lytix™ leverages the high performance throughput of Netezza’s appliances and utilizes in-database analytics on Netezza’s shared-nothing Asymmetric Massively Parallel Processing™ architecture for tremendous gains in speed.

Netezza’s Prat Moghe, Senior Vice President of Strategy and New Markets agrees, “Fuzzy Logix was an early adopter of our i-Class in-database analytics vision and ported their in-database analytics library DB Lytix™ to the Netezza platform. We are pleased that Catalina has recognized the full potential of DB Lytix™ for very large sets of data on the Netezza platform. We are confident that many more enterprises will take notice of the power of in-database analytics and use it for gaining valuable insights from their enterprise data warehouse.”

According to Partha Sen, CEO of Fuzzy Logix, “We are glad that we could provide competitive edge to Catalina with our technology. We are very excited to be working with Catalina and hope to help them develop innovative and insightful analytical models.”

About Catalina
Catalina Marketing Corporation,, owns and operates the world’s largest, transaction-level, shopper-data warehouse — powering media networks to intelligently connect CPG, health care, and retailer marketers with specific audiences. Catalina Marketing develops, delivers, and measures shopper and patient-driven engagements with approximately 90M households and 130M patients annually. Media distribution channels include 50,000 food, drug and mass locations worldwide, including 18,000 US pharmacies. The company is based in St. Petersburg, Florida, with operations in the US, Europe and Japan.

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Netezza Corporation (NYSE: NZ) is the global leader in data warehouse and analytic appliances that dramatically simplify high-performance analytics across an extended enterprise. Netezza’s technology enables organizations to process enormous amounts of captured data at exceptional speed, providing a significant competitive and operational advantage in today’s data-intensive industries, including digital media, energy, financial services, government, health and life sciences, retail and telecommunications. Netezza is headquartered in Marlborough, Massachusetts and has offices in Northern Virginia, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Poland, Japan, Korea, Australia and Singapore. For more information about Netezza, please visit

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