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In a hyper-competitive telecommunications industry, a company must provide the best tailored services to its clients to ensure customer satisfaction and maintain a competitive edge. One of the most valuable tools a telco possesses is its client information...its data. This data can be leveraged to encourage customer loyalty - and therefore increase customer retention - by predicting the services and/or account changes a particular client may be interested in, and being able to predict - and aim to avoid - customer churn.

As the amount of data collected by telco companies increases relentlessly, the challenge becomes how can a business analyse, and extract actionable insights from, such massive data sets.

At Fuzzy Logix it is our goal to help our clients extract useful, meaningful, business-enhancing information from their data. Our advanced, in-database analytics solutions allow businsses to run analytics on practically unlimited amounts of data in almost real-time, without the need for costly hardware, and achieving 10-100x performance gains


Big Data Analytics Challenges in Telecommunications

Some of the common issues that companies struggle with when using conventional analytics solutions are:

  • Expensive data transfer: using conventional analytics methods, a company must transfer its data for it to be analyzed. However with the sheer volumes of data possessed by telecommunications companies this can cost the company a significant amount of valuable time, money, and resources
  • Slow turn-around: most data analytics solutions take days or even weeks to produce results, by which point the results are out-of-date and not nearly as useful as they would have been earlier
  • Partial Analysis: in the interest of time, sometimes companies opt to analyze only a chunk of their data and use the produced results as a rough estimation of the rest of the data. However this is often a false representation of the full picture and can lead to inaccurate models and estimates that can cause a company financial harm

By bringing the analytics to the data, Fuzzy Logix overcomes these, and more, challenges.

Fuzzy Logix can help telcos optimize their businesses by:
  • Reducing customer churn by identifying trigger events and customers likely to churn through patterns in data found with fast performing analytics, allowing the service provider to address the risk factors quickly
  • Improving offer relevance through advanced clustering of products and services into meaningful categories, which can be aligned to improve marketing and upsell
  • Predicting customer next steps with intelligent recommendation engines, allowing the provider to make suggestions to their customers
  • Improving cash flow with detailed and accurate financial models produced by Fuzzy Logix' high-performance analytics, reducing the risk of unforeseen eventualities in a company's future that would negatively affect its revenue
  • Increasing profitability per customer by identifying the most and least profitable customers and allowing the service provider to more efficiently allocate their marketing dollars and customer retention efforts to maximize profitability

We understand that every business and company has its own needs and faces its own unique set of challenges. At Fuzzy Logix we work closely with every client to custom-develop the best solution. Contact us today, and learn more about how we can help you.

Telco and Media

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