Big Data in Retail

The amount of data collected by even a relatively small retail organization is huge, and within a siloed organization it becomes a complex, potentially difficult-to-manage issue.

We provide retailers with analytics consultancy and products and have experience dealing with the many issues standing in the way of success with extracting value from big data:
  • Lack of internal knowledge and/or expertise
  • Shortage of resource and/or time
  • Insufficient executive and/or operational buy-in for an analytics solution
  • Internal obstacles: IT support may be lacking, lack of inclination across the organization
  • Budget issues: particularly where no clear ROI has been documented

For retailers to survive in a fast-evolving, increasingly-competitive environment they need to tackle the big and/or complex data issues or risk being left behind.

Fuzzy Logix offers consultancy to help retail marketers decide upon and set metrics to meet their core business goals and provides in-database solutions to improve marketing effectiveness and drive immediate ROI.

Our solutions work fast across enormous volumes of data with unlimited variables (up to 100x faster than traditional solutions) and can be embedded into commonly-used reporting tools. Our product works within your database, eliminating the need to move data, which is not only time-consuming but means you’re never working with the most up-to-the-minute data. If your data is already in one place we can install our product in minutes, if it’s not: we’ll figure out with you how to get it there. Using Fuzzy Logix’ in-database analytics virtually eliminates the need to move data and all the associated time, resource and cost issues.

Big Data in Retail Image