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Industry 4.0 is upon us and with the growth of the industrial Internet of things (IoT) – everything is going digital and being networked. As a result, more data is being generated than ever before by equipment, automation, systems, and even the products themselves – and that data needs to be harnessed to support the decision-making process.

Manufacturers are now faced with sophisticated production lines where production teams must often monitor more than 200 variables within the production flow to ensure the purity of the ingredients as well as the substances being made. Two batches of a particular substance, produced using an identical process, can still exhibit a variation in yield of between 50 and 100 percent. This huge unexplained variability can create issues with capacity and product quality and can draw increased regulatory scrutiny. This is where advanced analytics comes into the picture, to determine interdependencies among the different process parameters and their impact on yield.

To address this challenge of Big Data, Fuzzy Logix came up with the perfect solution: in-database analytics. The idea behind this approach can be summed up in one simple concept: Move the analytics, not the data. By bringing the analytics engine into the database and leveraging massively parallel map-reduce technology (popularized by tools like Hadoop), Fuzzy Logix can perform highly complex analyses directly in the database environment without spreading the problem out across a team of servers.

In-database analytics yield a host of benefits over traditional analytics including:
  • Faster analytics , on a scale of 10-100X faster than traditional analytics
  • Better analytic models as data scientists can now use full datasets versus sampling
  • No data duplication errors caused by moving data between servers
  • Stricter security policy enforcement, particularly for manufacturers that regulate the movement of sensitive business data
  • Near real-time insights, as opposed to analytic insights that may be days or weeks old. Thus helping the manufacturers in dynamic decision making.
  • Capex reduction by eliminating the need for additional hardware servers to process the analytics
Our solutions can address a variety of challenges faced by the manufacturing industry, including:
  • Increasing the accuracy, quality and yield of biopharmaceutical production
  • Accelerating the integration of IT, manufacturing and operational systems making the vision of Industry 4.0 a reality
  • Better forecasts of product demand and production, understanding plant performance across multiple metrics and providing service and support to customers faster
  • Integrating advanced analytics across the Six Sigma DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control) framework to fuel continuous improvement
  • Greater visibility into supplier quality levels, and greater accuracy in predicting supplier performance over time
  • Measuring compliance and traceability to the machine level becomes possible
  • Selling only the most profitable customized or build-to-order configurations of products that impact production the least
  • Breaking quality management and compliance systems out of their silos and making them a corporate priority
  • Quantify how daily production impacts financial performance with visibility to the machine level
  • Service becomes strategic and a contributor to customers’ goals by monitoring products and proactively providing preventative maintenance recommendations

Thus, with the advanced in-database analytics solutions from Fuzzy Logix, manufacturers can reach optimal yield levels, translated into sustainable impact on the annual profit margins without having to make any significant capital investments.

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