Fuzzy Logix: IoT retail data is gonna be (h)yuge

It’s no trumped up suggestion to say that nobody knows how (h)yuge the data is in the Internet of Things (IoT) better than the retail industry. Indeed, we might go further and say that today, nobody has more respect for the IoT’s (h)yuge data than the retail industry.

Data solutions in the IoT space should then be optimized, parallelized, standardized, native-ized scalable and fast with analytics that runs where the data resides. Fuzzy Logix’s Advanced Analytics suite, DB Lytix™ does exactly that.

The firm claims that DB Lytix™ can empower large retailers like Tesco to optimize a supply chain across thousands of stores in multiple countries, with tens of thousands of products, taking into account factors such as local weather patterns and differences in demographics at each of its stores.

Read the source article at internetofbusiness.com

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