Our CMO talks solutions and projects

Aashu Virmani, Fuzzy Logix' CMO was interviewed recently by independent analyst and industry expert, Ron Powell. He discusses how machine learning applies to anti-money laundering using decision trees, regression and neural nets, explains indexed data management, and gives a glimpse of 2018's exciting new projects. Listen to the podcast...

Fuzzy Logix: IoT retail data is gonna be (h)yuge

It’s no trumped up suggestion to say that nobody knows how (h)yuge the data is in the Internet of Things (IoT) better than the retail industry. Indeed, we might go further and say that today, nobody has more respect for the IoT’s (h)yuge data than the retail industry.

Data solutions in the IoT space should then be optimized, parallelized, standardized, native-ized scalable and fast with..