Big data should now be a core competency for everyone in your organization. While it’s easy to brush it off as an IT-only concern, it’s much more than that: the rise of big data is pervasive, and we have more information from more sources coming faster than ever. In fact, a McKinsey Global Institute report says data volume doubles every three years, and we now ..

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Demystifying AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Deep learning, machine learning, artificial intelligence - all buzzwords and representative of the future of analytics. In this post we will explain what is machine learning and deep learning at a high level with some real world examples. The goal of this is not to turn you into a data scientist, but to give you a better understanding of what you can do with machine learning. Machine learning is becoming more accessible to developers, and Data scientists work with domain experts, architects, developers and ..

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5 Industries Machine Learning is Disrupting

We talk about artificial intelligence (AI), robots, and machine learning as if they’re coming soon, or are just some tech pipe dream.

They’re not. They’re here today.

In fact, a special report from Bank of America, Merrill Lynch predicts the global market for AI and robots will be just under $153 billion by 2020, and some industries will experience up to a 30% productivity increa..

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