Big Data and the Internet of Things are currently being lauded in many industries as the new frontier for business and, with seemingly ground-breaking solutions being rolled out for innumerable different use cases daily, it’s certainly not all hyperbole. At this moment, an estimated 4.9 billion sensors are connected to the internet and that number is expected to rocket to 50 billionread more »

All About IoT Analytics in One Infographic

When creating and managing an Internet of Things / machine-to-machine deployment, you’ll want to integrate analytics from the start so you can gain the most value from your investment. Gathering data in real-time helps businesses analyze and decide what optimal actions to take.

First, decide on what data you will collect, as different IoT/M2M sensors and devices create their own types of data set at different intervals. Then your organization must plan what type of IoT analytics tools and pl..

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More Data More Problems: 3 Big Data Problems & How to Solve Them

“Just because it can be counted, doesn’t mean it counts,” said Tom O’Regan, CEO of Madison Logic in a recent IAB study. “As you rise up the scale of performance measurement tactics, you find the increasing convergence of both attribution and value.” These are incredibly wise words to live by. There are dozens of performance metrics that we’re capable of tracking. But just because we can, doesn’t mean we should. We are deep inside the epicenter of the inform..

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Observing the audience: how reader analytics are influencing the industry

This article raises some interesting questions about what is consensual data and data harvesting.

Reader analytics are garnering huge attention at the moment and there are at least four major talks at this year’s Frankfurt Book Fair discussing how and why publishers and authors can collect data on their readers. But with reader analytics taking the spotlight in publishing, the debate over the ethics of data harvesting and its uses has been brought to our doorstep.

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Why Small Banks Need Big Data

Attention community bankers: it is time to dip your toes in the sea of data if you're not doing so already. More than ever, banking is as much an information business as it is a financial business. With the vast amount of data banks have on customers and transactions and spending habits, those that aren't effectively mining this data risk falling into irrelevance. For some small banks, investing in data analytics remains a tough call. Margins are already thin from the operating environment.

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Big Data Analytics’ Potential To Revolutionize Manufacturing Is Within Reach

The insights gained from big data analytics and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to drive greater manufacturing intelligence and operations performance is considered essential by 68% of manufacturers. These manufacturers are planning to increase their investment in data analytics in the next 12 months to improve operational performance and gain greater insights into how they can excel. 

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Grave Mistakes that Companies Make in Big Data Projects

Ubiquitous in the contemporary industry, big data and analytics are being deployed by just about every organization to improve business outcomes. One of the primary purposes of big data implementation is to incorporate additional sets of data into the existing data infrastructure, so as to give companies the capability of questioning anything from the resulting data set. But then, big data is not restricted to the mere handling of large volumes of data and there are certain common mistakes that enterpris..

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Big Data Analytics Not Just for the Big Guys

Like large companies, small to mid-size companies also need to better understand the market, target their best prospects, and better serve their customers. However, in the past, they have not had the computing resources to gather and store petabytes of data. But now things are changing. No matter at which ever stage of the development curve you are in, as a company if you are not investing on your data, you are destined to lag behind in the near future. Visit read more »

If you’re not planning for IoT, you’re already behind – Internet of Things Newsletter

And what is clear to me is that understanding that we go from a ‘make and sell’ model of products and services to a ‘sense and response’ model, listening to what’s going on, listening to what’s happening in our surroundings and responding accordingly to that, and to be able to do that you need to have measurement at every point of a value chain or a supply chain or even in our bodies. So that’s why I think that precision is the future for every industry.

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