How to Build a Data-Driven Culture

What drives companies to have a successful data-driven culture? It’s important to understand that it’s not necessarily about the data itself. That’s secondary. The technology itself comes in third. Data-driven decision-making is first and foremost about the organization. The most important—and arguably the most difficult—aspect of transitioning to a data-driven organization that practices DataOps is the cultural shift required to move to a data mindset. read more »

Should Banks Fear Fintech?

Contrary to the perceived threat of technology disruption to the banking sector, experts have allayed those fears, insisting that Fintech can and will revolutionise banking. Financial technology (FinTech) experts who assembled in Lagos for a two-day  disruptive innovation conference held recently at the instance of Interswitch, a major player in the FinTech space, identified collaboration as the way  forward, with transaction banks and fintechs leveraging their respective strengths  and minimisin..

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How IIoT enables the factory of the future

There’s no value in the data without advanced algorithms of machine learning. Value can be created in surprisingly simple ways by putting data to work. Peloton Tech’s truck platooning system is a case study that illustrates how IIoT is already creating value. The system uses vehicle-to-vehicle communication to connect the braking and acceleration between two trucks. The lead truck controls the simultaneous acceleration and braking of the whole fleet, reacting faster than a human or even a sensor s..

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