• The Amazing Ways Coca Cola Uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) And Big Data To Drive Success

    September 19, 2017

    Coca Cola is known to have ploughed extensive research and development resources into artificial intelligence (AI) to ensure it is squeezing every drop of insight it can from the data it collects. Fruits of this research were unveiled earlier this year ... Read More
  • How IIoT enables the factory of the future

    September 18, 2017

    There’s no value in the data without advanced algorithms of machine learning. Value can be created in surprisingly simple ways by putting data to work. Peloton Tech’s truck platooning system is a case study that illustrates how IIoT is already creating value. The system uses vehicle-to-vehicle ... Read More
  • Objectives and accuracy in machine learning

    September 15, 2017

    Let us be very clear. If the only thing that your analytic project delivers is insight, it has almost certainly failed. Your objective must not be merely to discover something that you didn’t know, or to quantify something that you thought you ... Read More
  • The IoT journey for manufacturers: Concept, production and beyond

    September 14, 2017

    Many articles written about the internet of things focus on collecting data insights, yet few explain the IoT journey itself. Navigating the path to connect appliances and start generating data is easier if companies understand best practices, as well as ... Read More
  • Artificial Insurance? How Machine Learning is Transforming Underwriting

    September 13, 2017

    For an industry that has proven resistant to change for centuries, insurance is now undergoing a digital revolution. With the advent of more machine learning algorithms, underwriters are bringing in more information to better gauge risk and offer more tailor-made ... Read More
  • Predictive Analytics And Machine Learning AI In The Retail Supply Chain

    September 12, 2017

    In retail, supply chain efficiency is essential. Inventory management, picking, packing and shipping are all time and resource-intensive processes which can have dramatic impact on a business’s bottom line. The problem is these are complex processes, particularly when it comes to ... Read More
  • Machine Learning: Are You Ready? A 7-Part Checklist

    September 8, 2017

    Machine learning is all the rage. But while the topic is top of mind in boardrooms and the media alike, it is not always clear how machine learning is best applied. Or what it takes to implement. While the tools ... Read More
  • Raising returns on analytics investments in insurance

    September 6, 2017

    In an era of narrow margins and slow growth, insurers’ need to invest in analytics has never been greater. Leading insurers are using advanced analytics to tap into both existing and new troves of data, in an effort to unlock ... Read More