• How To Build A Big Data Engineering Team

    April 24, 2017

    So, what exactly is the difference between a data engineer & a data scientist and what makes them tick? How do these 2 functions compliment each other? & How do you make your Big Data team work?  Adrian Bridgwater finds out ... Read More
  • 3 Companies That Crushed it With Big Data

    April 24, 2017

    Many companies in the last few years have discovered the power of tiny changes. When you are dealing with a global population of buyers and millions of people, see your products every single day, changing a single small thing can ... Read More
  • 3 Ways IoT is Going to Change in 2017

    April 21, 2017

    The number of IoT technologies in the industry is growing at a rapid pace. Research shows that by 2020 there will be over 50 billion connected devices. With that many devices predicted to be connecting and collecting valuable data, it is no ... Read More
  • In-database Analytics in the Age of Smart Meters

    April 20, 2017

    Ankit Mahato, Product Manager at Fuzzy Logix, in his presentation at the 5th IIM Ahmedabad International Conference on Advanced Data Analysis, Business Analytics & Intelligence focuses on the challenges we encounter while performing conventional analytics on the big data generated ... Read More
  • Machine Learning is Disrupting Life Science Research – For Good

    April 19, 2017

    Big data is getting bigger by the minute. Preclinical researchers are focused on developing new hypotheses and ideas that can eventually translate into testing and deployment, which includes gathering an enormous amount of data, understanding and connecting the dots of ... Read More
  • Rethinking analytics for the petabyte world

    April 18, 2017

    Do you have Petabytes of Data and lots of granular Analytics questions? Fuzzy Logix’s CMO, Aashu Virmani lays out the most efficient way to tackle such Analytics problems head on. Read the source article at zdnet.com Read More
  • How Machine Learning Is Changing The World: Artificial Intelligence In Finance Predicts Stocks And Bonds

    April 17, 2017

    For nearly 30 years now, U.K. hedge fund manager Man AHL has been trawling through enormous historical datasets trying to understand what is predictable and what’s just noise. Today the company employs a team from a diverse range of scientific ... Read More
  • Why IoT, Big Data & Smart Farming Are the Future of Agriculture

    April 13, 2017

    The farming industry will become arguably more important than ever before in the next few decades. The world will need to produce 70% more food in 2050 than it did in 2006 in order to feed the growing population ... Read More