When Silicon Valley came to Wall Street

Gilead Sciences recently reached an $11.9bn agreement to acquire Kite Pharma for a 50 per cent premium to its monthly average stock price. Five days before the US takeover was announced, an artificially intelligent computer predicted it. The algorithm, developed by Dataminr, a New York-based technology group, had noticed unusual social media chatter and options activity and alerted its clients about a possible buyout of Kite by a large biotech company. The following week, shares in Kite jumped 28 per cent. ..

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State of Artificial Intelligence for Enterprises

Business leaders looking for increased revenue, more efficiency and a better experience for their customers can have all of that — if they adopt artificial intelligence (AI) for their organization. That is the promise of AI that many businesses are actively investing in today. There is a huge disruption among many enterprises at an ever-increasing rate of speed but it does come with challenges. Many enterprises are navigating how to establish right strategy to create value from their AI ..

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How to Build a Data-Driven Culture

What drives companies to have a successful data-driven culture? It’s important to understand that it’s not necessarily about the data itself. That’s secondary. The technology itself comes in third. Data-driven decision-making is first and foremost about the organization. The most important—and arguably the most difficult—aspect of transitioning to a data-driven organization that practices DataOps is the cultural shift required to move to a data mindset. read more »