Combating Money-laundering with Advanced Analytics

As quick as governments and financial institutions shut down money-laundering methods, the perpetrators devise more sophisticated ways to keep the flow of cash going to criminal and terrorist groups. The ways and means of money-laundering are varied and difficult to trace.

Organizations are looking to advanced data analytics to help them keep up with increasingly complex money-laundering techniques. Analytics can be leveraged in many ways to identify suspect information, patterns and behaviors in different data sets, including customer information, accounts, and transaction data.

Given the scale of the problem globally and the amount of data generated in the area, the emphasis for an analytical solution has to be the ability to work quickly and reliably with huge data volumes. Fuzzy Logix’ in-database analytics solutions are ready-proven to be faster, more scalable and able to manage larger amount of data, quicker that traditional solutions. Our ability to perform high-performance analytics on very large volumes of data, combined with our proprietary techniques of handling rare events result in significantly more accurate predictions of money-laundering cases.

The Fuzzy Logix AML solution offers superior performance and achieves better results through in-database processing and custom, proven analytics models. Many incidents that would go undetected with traditional solutions would be caught with our solution.

One of our most successful implementations is for one of the top 3 private sector banks and the fastest growing bank in India.

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