If you are under increasing pressure to deliver more: more timely insights, more efficiency and more simplicity… and all these at a faster return on investment and a lower cost, you should consider accelerating your existing SAS analytics infrastructure with DB Lytix™ from Fuzzy Logix.


Our software-only installation can help you:

Augment SAS by improving scalability without having to grow the SAS footprint. This is possible because you can actually run our models directly from SAS using PROC SQL.
Accelerate your analytics and data science processes by a factor of 10-100x to increase the time-to-insight. Not only is the performance faster, but by having all data at your fingertips, companies have told us that their analysts can build ten times as many models with our technology.

It's clear that a solution designed for the Gigabyte economy will be challenged in the Petabyte economy. However, it is possible to reduce your dependency on SAS (or even eliminate it!). Let us help you move to an analytics environment designed to handle tomorrow’s data growth, that is highly performant, and won’t have you spending money year after year on upgrades.

Accelerating SAS on an IBM Platform

SAS’ Proc SQL features a capability to use SQL to process data as well as the ability to connect to an external data source with SQL functionality. Users can exploit this capability to push an SQL query to an IBM Sailfish appliance to run in-database analytics using DB Lytix.

Proc SQL serves as a window in which SQL SQL syntax is sandwiched between opening and closing statements.

Analytics run in the IBM environment and results are returned to the local environment.

SAS acceleration performance chart

Accelerate your SAS analytics to take the gold, A White Paper by Fuzzy Logix

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